Image courtesy of my husband, Rockwell

Image courtesy of my husband, Rockwell

Hi, there!

I'm Allie.  It is SO good to have you here!  I know you have a story to tell, and I'm excited to get to know more about you!

A few things I suppose you might want to know about me:  

I am most comfortable in my hubby's shirts, and I may be the last human on Earth without an iPhone.

I fully believe that a handful of precious friendships are greater than a thousand acquaintances.

I'm a feeler.

I adore my work and am grateful to God every day for providing me with a career path that fills my heart and brings me a daily dose of belly laughs.

I have a very real passion for telling life's stories and documenting them as authentically as they take place.  It's so important to me that the memories I capture are a very real collection of those moments you will cherish forever.

When you're 80, it will be those moments that you will look back on and say, "This is what started our life together.  This is where it all began."  That's the good stuff!

I work to define moments like this by often using both medium format film and digital media, because I've recently come to find that life doesn't fit into one or the other.  There is something in a film image that captures the depth of a moment, and there is a lot about digital media that allows me to capture it's spontaneity.

When your wedding day has come and gone, and your babies are grown, you will hold a beautiful collection of carefully, hand-edited images that tell your story in the most organic way.

My style is a reflection of the way I approach my life.  It is simple, genuine, evolving and moving, but always, always true to the story I have the chance to define.  I want to get to know you on a personal level so I can help you to live your story again and again, for years to come!  

Let's get connected.  Shoot me an email or feel free to drop a note in the "connect" section of my site.  I look so forward to getting to know you!