LAUREN + JOHN DAVID | alpharetta engagement at little river farms


Spring has officially sprung - and with that, so has ALLISON PEDIGO.  To say that everything came together serendipitously would be pretty accurate - Rock and I finally found a house and are able to settle in before a busier part of our year, and I had a bit of down time to dot my i's and cross my t's.

During that down time, John David and miss Lauren sought me out, we chatted, and decided our styles are a perfect fit, and now I'm absolutely thrilled to photograph these two and their exciting journey and be given the opportunity to walk with them for a bit.

Lauren had an eye for what she wanted, and it was totally welcomed... in fact it lined up exactly with what I had been thinking for their session, too.  We photographed the two of them at a venue they''ve never been, but you wouldn't have known it.  It was just watching lovers laugh, play and really become involved with one another.  Me and my camera went by the wayside.  So great. ;o)

Meet John David and Lauren!  So excited for their October wedding at Mason Farm at River's Edge.

Thanks to Little River Farms for having us!  What a stunning venue.