Every little girl dreams of their wedding day.  What their dress will look like, the flower arrangements, etc., etc.

For Kate, it was a day of simplicity and keeping focus on what's the most important: marrying her best friend.  Don't get me wrong, she knew exactly what she wanted (one of the things I love the very most about her :o) ) and when it came to that, she stuck to her guns.  About 30 guests, it was one of the most intimate weddings I've photographed to date.  You got the sense that the day was very "them", as it should be.  I loved that.

The ceremony was in a stunning, historic chapel in McDonough, GA.  The chapel is absolutely adorable and everything you might expect from an old, southern chapel.  A white, bright chapel decorated with antiqued wood, the most amazing stained glass pattern above the door and light that spilled in from every angle.  Looking up you see these beautiful fans (only a photographer could appreciate a fan like that... maybe also someone who just bought a house - guilty on both accounts) and wood paneled ceilings that I believe were a huge nod to the history behind it. 

From the start of the day, getting ready with the girls and putting together the bridal details, to their adorable ceremony where I don't think either one of them could conceal their smile for a single moment (and Kate's contagious laughter filled the room with comfort and excitement), to the last moment when Kate and Mikey stepped foot in their getaway car post-ceremony (after thoughtfully giving thanks to each of their guests and dishing out SO many hugs), Rock and I left with full hearts.  It was a day I am so excited we were invited to be a part of because I know in my heart that it was a day that was planned to be exactly how they wanted it to be.  Such a compliment!

The images below are a hybrid of both digital and film.  Kate knew she wanted a black and white film image of she and her brother walking down the aisle to Mikey who, until the very last moment, had his back turned to them and saw Kate first-hand just as she rounded the corner to promise him forever.  See what I mean?  Every last detail.  So beautiful!

Also, that's the way you HOPE your groom looks at you when he first sees you.  Mikey nailed the "surprised face" but it was in every way genuine.  Just like him!

A special thank you to Rockwell for assisting me on this day and snagging some really profound moments.  Including some of my favorites from their adorable ceremony.

Enjoy some of my favorites from their intimate day.  A big congratulations to the Stones!  Love you two and wishing you every last bit of happiness and joy that marriage has to offer!