Rock and I made a quick weekend getaway to somewhere we have always dreamt of visiting.  As simple a trip as it is (it's a mere 5-6 hours from Atlanta), we somehow have managed nearly every place near Amelia but the actual island itself.  It's just as charming as we had imagined.

I love these stolen moments.  It was a quick trip but the memories we made there will be something we'll always cherish.  I brought my gifted Pentax K1000 - one, because it's easy to travel with (I can just throw it in my purse), but two because I wanted to be able to later experience the trip again with the authenticity that film provides.  Very excited to say that it has certainly done just that.

But - I ran out of film.  I brought two rolls of Fuji 400 and I suppose I had imagined being able to fit all of our trip into a mere 48 images, which, certainly was not the case.  Even though the images taken were each a very careful decision of their own prior to pressing the shutter, there was so much about our trip that warranted a photo.

Though, my favorite memory was one that went undocumented.  I have the image in my mind, however, for the rest of my life.  It was the moment after I had just run out of exposures.  We were on a beach on Little Talbot Island State Park.  The whole weekend was overcast, and the clouds hardly let up for a moment.  We had just gotten there and walked through the hardly touched trail that was littered with beach grass and some awesome plants I don't believe I'd ever seen.  The trail opened up to the largest beach we had seen with our own eyes, though the water was attempting it's return to high tide, and it was beautiful.  The most peaceful place I think I've ever been.

Rock was walking down the beach looking for sea shells, while I covered my own ground.  And, that's when I looked up.  He was a solid 100 yards down the beach and was just within the threshold of the fog concealing him from my view.  There was no one and nothing around but the dunes, the seashells, and a distant and foggy view of the city.  It was a perfect moment.  I'm actually glad my film ran out.  Perfect timing for a memory I can keep and stow away in my mind for forever.

Allison PedigoComment