Our wedding.

It came and went entirely too quickly, and thankfully, we have our images to relive our sweet day.  I'll be honest - I'm sure we are biased.  But I have never in my life been a part of a more perfect day.  Rock and I had a dream team of wedding professionals to help our day come to life, and the most blessed of family and friends to make it a weekend to remember.

To our officiant, Brucie, and our wedding party - thank you for making our special weekend so much more so, just by being there and making memories.  Rock and I couldn't thank you all enough for your encouragement, your laughter, and excitement for us as we made it all official!

To our family and friends! - How truly, truly wonderful you are!  THANK you from the very bottom of our hearts for your presence on our day and for your cradle of support and encouragement over all the years we have been together, and even before we met.  Every one of you is so valued and so appreciated and it would not have been the same with out each of you there to throw petals in our faces/show off your incredible dance moves!

To our unfailingly amazing parents - without the late-night help of my Mom, the balance my Dad tried to instill in me prior to the wedding and the fielding of stress attacks along the way by both... the fabulous help of Rock's mom the days preceding the wedding and the ever-present laughter and smiles provided by Papa Pedigo.  We would not be one bit of where we are today without your guidance and your strength.  Thank you for your love and support over the years and for always!  We love you!

To our creative wedding team! - NEVER in our wildest dreams would we have come close to imagining our day to be as perfect as it was!  We trusted each of you fully, and are so grateful that we did.  Every detail was covered, if there was a problem that day... we had NO idea... and every single one of you and your team made it all a perfect memory for us and we are forever grateful!



And, finally, to my new husband - Rockwell, you've taught me how to love and what it means to be loved.  You've held my hand every step of the way and you never miss an opportunity to bring a smile to my face.  You've given me your heart and I've given you mine since practically day one, and you've helped me learn how to trust someone completely.  I love you to no end and look forward to the rest of what this life of ours has in store for us! xoxo

Thanks to Caymes, we managed to capture snippets of the day and morning preceding the wedding.  I threw in a few from our amazing honeymoon, too... If you ever wondered what pure bliss looks like, scroll on.  Sugar Beach, St. Lucia was more than beautiful.  The PERFECT way to cap it all off!

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