THESE two.

So I have the privilege of working with all kinds of awesome people.  I could not love my brides and grooms any more than I do.  I'm serious, every one of them.  I don't know how I got so lucky.

Ashleigh and Kyle are no exception.

I first had a chance to sit and talk a bit with them at their consultation.  I offered the options of wine or coffee (we all know life wouldn't be complete without either), to which they responded "wine" and we got to chit-chat about their wedding and I got a feel for who these two are.

They're best friends, supporters of one another, and above all that, they' love in a really, really fun way.  It was so refreshing for Rock and I to take a stroll around their home town of Decatur, stopping at a one of their favorite locales for a cocktail then exploring the city for a bit.  

I think there were a lot of things that came together for this session to make it very "them".  Number one, it was raining.  Being the fun-loving couple they are, we decided to make  ago of it that day even in spite of it and the session turned out really unique.  Also, they brought along their awesome humor which, personally, got me out of a bind or two after nearly falling off an unsteady bench and involuntarily shouting what I'm sure were profanities on what I believed to be my way down.  Needless to say, reeeally glad they got a laugh out of it (anything for the shot, right?)  There was an air of spontaneity and stepping outside the box which honestly, is really important as a photographer.  By stepping foot in some amazing places I've never seen before, we had the chance to really become a part of their world and further learn what they're about.  Good fun, good wine, good humor, and most importantly - good love.

Take a stroll with me through our time in their home town and enjoy just a few of my favorite moments from our session!  Can not hardly wait for these two to tie the knot in November at the Decatur Courthouse!