The light was lowering just over the very top of the Georgia Theatre as I grabbed my equipment and made my way there to meet with Courtney and Patrick.  Being a Tennessee grad, I was only slightly (eh hem) unfamiliar with the city of Athens, but was excited to make it there and get settled, having just enough time (after waiting behind a line of 9 guys at Subway just to get some quarters to pay the meter - which we later found accepted credit cards... of course!) to scope out some of our locations and get a good visual.

I had just received a call from Courtney saying that their car had a flat tire.  In Druid Hills.  At the start of rush hour.  Bless their hearts!  And, doesn't it always seem that way?  That, as soon as you are out the door, hair fixed just right, everything you think you may need piled high in the back seat... you get a flat.  Did they let it interfere?  100% not.  They made plans, continued to make their way toward beautiful Athens and were absolutely incredible.

Sometimes, the best laid plans fall short.  Sometimes, in a calculated run to get quarters to pay the meter, 9 hungry college kids walk in front of you and you race the clock to buy a water, just to get some change.  Sometimes, you hit the road and you get a flat.  Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% what you make of it.  And once we got started during their session, 3 hours passed, and we were shooting into the dusk - I knew that these two are something special.  Smiles on their faces until the very end, holding hands and goofing around with each other, in spite of a situation that could have changed the whole story that day.  We had a blast!

After running around their alma mater, telling stories about school and learning about how they first got started, I am looking SO forward to their White Oaks Barn wedding with a mountain view next April.  Enjoy some film + digital faves from their session - I'm in LOVE!