I've had a bit of the travel bug lately.  Seeing new places and experiencing different ways of life it what makes me tick.

I was chatting with my friend Abby the other day about keeping personal work private.  Sometimes there is a piece of work you have created that means so much to you, that you couldn't possibly put in to words to adequately describe your experience to anyone else, so you hold on to it, because if you do, it's still yours.  I've been holding on to these images from our travels to California because not only are they our moments, they're some of my favorite travel photos I've yet taken.  I don't expect anyone to see them and to immediately know their worth to us.  So, in a way, even though they're shared, they're still our "moments".  They can remain as personal and as exciting to us as they were the moment we were in them.  We are the only eyes who experienced these moments, we're single-handedly the only ones who can truly love each and every frame for what it is.

But, when you travel, you share.  Locals share their time with you, the locations you travel to share their unique personalities with you.  We simply walk away with some frames to remind us of a few bygone moments.  It's our hearts that carry on the tale.

So today, my heart carries on a short tale of a trip we took to California.  They were precious moments, each of them, and I am excited to share with you our memories.  Hopping off of the plane and going straight for Pete's Coffee.  Exploring Fisherman's Wharf.  Walking through the monstrous Redwoods at the Muir Woods National Moment.  Stopping off on the side of the road to take in breathtaking views of San Francisco.  Having a moment of peace there then being chased out by a bum.  Running away so fast, then laughing so hard we nearly cried.  Our cozy bamboo bungalow.  The most magnificent wines we've every tasted.  Zipping down the California coast in our Hyundai hatchback.