MISSION statement

To serve others in such a way that they know they are loved, valued and feel inspired, and to bring light
to their unbounded worth by documenting their most joyful moments with a fine art aesthetic. 

Image by Christa O'Brien

Image by Christa O'Brien


There are a lot of things in my life that I am passionate about.  My hubs, our pups, my ever-supportive family and friends, and my faith. But, there is nothing quite like those who seek me out to photograph their life's most treasured moments.

I started shooting at age 15 and was afraid of the dark room.  Since then, I've developed a huge respect and grown in love with the process of shooting film.  The care that goes in to each click of a shutter, the modular and mechanical nature of shooting with film, and, yes -- even the patience required while anxiously waiting for the scans to hit your inbox.  But, it's more than that.  As a hybrid photographer, (meaning I shoot with both digital and film media) ...

With regard to style, I tend to gravitate toward simplicity.  I adore working in minimalist settings and truly focusing on what makes those in front of my camera so beautifully human.

If you're anything like me, you often find yourself breathing in these little moments in life and do everything you can t0 cherish each and every second of the blessings you're given on the daily.  My passion is in documenting those moments and providing those who choose to grow with me and my business a glimpse back in to what life is like in these fleeting moments.  It's the every day that inspires me.  Those little ...

I look so forward to working with you!

Allison Pedigo