Hi, there! My name is

Allison Pedigo.

I am here to photograph your most



When it comes to photographing your journey towards marriage and starting a family, it is a privilege I hold so incredibly close to my heart. It brings me joy knowing that once the day has come and gone, and your babies are grown, you will hold in your hands these tangible memories, and they will bring the day back for you and your future family to relive for ages and ages to come. The unique legacy that you will build together is something to behold. Marriage and creating a family of your own is a continual journey of celebrating triumphs and withstanding trials that will make you stronger, and it will bring you more blessings than you knew possible. To be extended the invitation to document these chapters of life for you is so humbling each and every time.

I live for travel and prefer to always take the scenic route -- I've been known to make my husband stop the car and pull over to take a pic of wild horses or the most dazzling of views.


My husband, Rock, and I got married in 2014. We still love at-home dance parties and the occasional nerf dart war in the front yard (complete with eye black + camo, because... stealth).

Family is my hope and stay. I grew up dancing away Summer afternoons on our back deck and listening to the BeeGees on full blast. You might still find us there on a warm Summer night.

Piece of Cake cupcakes have the power to turn my day around completely and my favorite days are spent in the sunshine, typically by a body of water, and

surrounded by people I love.

My guilty pleasure is when someone accidentally jumbles their words and I have a bizarre gift for spotting misspellings.

I am a mama to my son Shepard, who is the absolute light of our lives. Every day is an adventure with a toddler and we're simply holding on tight and enjoying every minute! :o)

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Choosing who you'll invite into your world to document your life's most important moments is a BIG decision.

It's crucial to seek out someone that you can relate to and with, that has your best interest at heart

and that doesn't take life too seriously (*queue blooper reel*).

Join me for a quick interview about some of the things I most love

and am inspired by in my line of work and in my personal life --

and how I approach serving you in the best way I know how.

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“Every. Single. Photo. Allie captured every emotion on our wedding day. She captured the true moments that will preserve the memories of the happiest day of our lives. The first time we ever talked on the phone, she described how she likes to capture the "happiness" and "bubbly" feeling of happy memories. Allie feels like a forever friend. From the moment we met for our engagement session, [we] knew that she was the absolute best for us. To me, she was another friend in the room.”

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